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Adult Low Impact Class

"Everyone has a spirit that can be refined, a body that can be trained in some manner, a suitable path to follow." Morihei Ueshiba, Aikido's Founder

What is the Low Impact Class?

While all the classes we teach have a special focus on fitness for longevity, and are suitable for most people, we realize due to prior injuries or health issues some people would be uncomfortable or unable to perform the repeated falling and rolling that is normal in the regular classes. To that end we have developed a special low impact class, which resembles our regular classes in all essential respects, only with falling being neither expected nor required.

How is this class different?

The primary difference in the Low Impact Class is that you will never be required or expected to take any falls (though you are welcome to explore falling in a very safe, controlled manner should you choose to, starting out on extremely soft, 24"+ thick foam gymnastics falling mats). Aikido's core techniques and philosophy is still taught just as in our normal classes, simply with the emphasis on the Nage (one performing the technique), going just up to the point of taking the Uke's (attackers) balance. Additionally skilled Ukes will be on hand to take actual falls for you when you perform the techniques, so you can still get a good feel for the techniques. We also start out with a larger use of the aiki weapons (wooden sword and staff), to help teach the fundamental spacing and movements of the empty handed aikido techniques.

What are classes like?

Classes are very similar to our regular classes. During practice you pair up with a partner, and take turns walking through the basic movements of the techniques, twice as the thrower and then twice as the attacker (again without actually throwing or falling). Once comfortable with these basics the Sensei or one of his assistants will take on the role of attacker, allowing you to complete the technique throwing them into a fall. This step by step progression allows you to learn the fundamentals of the technique with your partner, then get a good feel for the real self defense application as you might actually need to perform it by completing the throw with a skilled uke.

Is the Low Impact Class right for me?

The only requirements for the Low Impact Class is general mobility, the ability to move on your feet, step and turn, and basic arm movements. Our current students in the program include those with limited mobility in their knees (from surgery), and those with shoulder and back limitations. Additionally this class is suitable for those that are otherwise healthy, but would just like an even softer approach to martial arts than our normal classes (many of our regular adult students participate in this class as well).